Eric Glosser, Toboso, Ohio. At a very young age he was fascinated with the paranormal. Always having a strong urge to investigate things. At the age of 21 he started his career as a Police Officer. Eric also taught in the Police Academy for 12 years feeding his desire to teach. Some 23 years later he retired from law enforcement. He had developed even more of a fascination for the paranormal after witnessing things as a Patrol Officer that could not be explained. He founded PARAEGLO TV where he has produced and directed 5 paranormal documentaries to date. He set up a relationship between the Twin City Opera House and Bryn Du Mansion where he manages private and public ghost hunts and tours at each location. He has surrounded himself with some of the best paranormal investigators in the country making the United Paranormal Project an elite paranormal team. He was a member of COGS for 4 years and was the director there. He is currently the director of the United Paranormal Project (UPP).